Skilled Writers, Researchers, and Image Editors: $7/hour

  • ezvid inc
  • Philippines
  • Dec 21, 2017
Part time Media-Journalism

Job Description

This job involves learning a lot of new skills. You must be computer-savvy and have some experience with image or video editing.

You'll be making video wikis like those you see here:

To do this successfully, you'll need:

1) a Mac or PC, minimum screen size 1280 x 800

2) Fast, reliable internet connection

3) Really strong English writing skills, with perfect grammar

4) Some experience with image or video editing

5) An email address registered with both google docs and paypal

6) The ability to fully absorb and fully understand a set of complex directions. For example:

You should only apply to this job if you are sure you will be able read, understand, and follow all the directions in the Style Guide:

To apply, please submit:

1) samples of your original writing, showing great grammar and spelling

2) a link or attachment of a piece of media you have edited -- it can be an image from photoshop, a video on youtube, or anything like that

3) a brief description of the software you used, and how you used it, to edit the image or video in #2

4) an email address registered with both google docs and paypal

If you are really interested in this job, you could also spend a few minutes making a demo Wiki on, and submit it along with your application. (This is not required.) If you want to do that, you can pick a title from here

Note -- be sure that any wiki you submit to us conforms tightly to the style guide: