Finance & Accounting Manager (Based on Paksong Highland Co., Ltd., Lao P.D.R)

  • Berli Jucker Public Company Limited
  • Based on Paksong Highland, Lao P.D.R
  • Jan 09, 2018
Full time Accounting Finance

Job Description

Finance & Accounting Manager (Based on Paksong Highland Co., Ltd., Lao P.D.R)

  1. Well administer all activities in responsible Department to achieve as organizational purpose and company plan (30%)
  2. Arrange, prepare, and make the financial and Accounting statement of the company (20%)
  3. Prepare and present all important financial & accounting report and proposals or related information and documents toward the related management team and executives to meet the most optimum benefit for enterprise management. (15%)
  4. Rectify and verify all irregularities and suspiciousness effect on organization (15%)
  5. Give all suggestion and knowledge altogether with training course for all employees in all responsible Department as well as solving problems in the work of subordinates (10%)
  6. Make and manage the annual organizational statement of expenditure (10%)
  7. The decision and the complexity of assigned work and accountability.                                   
  8. Do all actions plans for all assignment to be compliance with organizational policies.
  9. Have necessarily knowledge, skills, aptitude, opinion, and experiences in management and administration for applying with responsible team and department
  10. Be excellent network skills, negotiating skills in complex agreements, organizational, interpersonal at all levels, Leadership, people-management, and both in written and verbal communication skills in managerial levels.
  11. Accountability to all report and/or confidential document.
  12. The proposal and reports are presented to management team for the most benefit of Human capital management.
  13. Strictly keep and well maintain all organizational confidentiality underneath specified organizational regulation, procedure and company’s code of practice.
  14. Accountability to all report and information which are sent to all related governmental sector/unit
  15. The Power of Decision
  16. The carefully consideration and decision underneath the most optimum company’s interest and benefits which is compliance with legal regulation to protect all consequential hazard and damage to organization.
  17. Improvement of all team functions to meet the most maximum effectiveness
  18. Scope of Accountability : Administration to meet organizational purpose assigned by management or executive team.
  19. Communication with others : Internal Communication: with all related departments. External Communication: with the revenue department, duties unit, and conglomerates
  20. Working Environment
  21. Must be outside to contact and coordinate for duties tasks.
  • Follow up and solve the rooted problem to arrange all report.
  • Needed Knowledge / Skills / Behavior for supporting this position.
  • Proficient in computer literacy applications used in effectively operating the Department. (e.g. MS word, excel, Power Point, E-mail, Adobe, Outlook, Financial & Accounting Analysis program, Databases Management and practices etc.)
  • Tax & Duties: use for management of accuracy, beneficial decision and company.
  • Verification: be able to understand and plan the system of work to improve and solve the problem of work system afterwards.
  • Administration: Expert in Team Management to meet organizational goal.