Global Teacher

Job description

We are currently recruiting experienced International Program teachers (IB, AP, A-level, etc.) who are passionate about their academic discipline and personally driven by the academic achievement of their students. Who are vigilant in ensuring that all tasks placed before their students are rigorous and without exception, reflect our program's aspirations of academic excellence. Who hold exceptionally high intellectual expectations of their students and create a culture of joyful academic discovery in their rooms. Whose aim is to ignite intellectual curiosity in their students and build their academic knowledge and confidence in preparation for colleges.


The teachers will develop and teach engaging lessons that follow the rigorous curriculum. Additionally, the AP teachers will:

- Use formal and informal assessment data to drive instruction and ensure student mastery of standards.

- Build a warm and inclusive classroom environment, implementing restorative practices.

- Establish and maintain strong relationships with students and families.

- Actively participate in grade-level meetings, collaborative planning, and professional development.

- Accept ultimate responsibility for the academic progress of his or her students, and work actively to overcome setbacks.