communication assistant in nature conservation

  • Sicista Development Centre
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Mar 05, 2020
Intern Business Development Education Management Nonprofit-Social Services Research

Job Description

Looking for a communication assistant to promote quality nature conservation research in Germany.

I am ready to offer 10-20% of income rate for a good assistant work.

I can see different possibilities to move forward in this topic, including cooperation with existing nature-friendly NGO-s, or establishing a new such in Germany.

The thing is that I am doing good quality research on bats (Chiroptera, Fledermäuse) in Germany, the results of which are necessary both to the society and the state, and at the moment the next step forward would be establishing a secure mechanism to bring this work to the society in an easy and efficient way.

Important outcomes of this research are high quality databases on bat species (all of which are protected by law in Europe) living in chosen study areas (especially towns), on distribution and abundance of bats, habitat preferences of bats during spring and summer, foraging sites of bats, efficient schemes for long-term monitoring of bat populations, evaluation of habitats as important living areas for bats.

Data collection during fieldwork is done using ultrasound detectors, and related bat counting methods.

On the basis of this research various other outcomes are also possible: presentations about bats, published articles and books, photos and films, topical exhibitions, educational courses, field excursions to learn about bats etc.

So I am looking now for an active person, interested in nature and nature conservation, preferably having some experience in nature-related research, knowing how this kind of work can be implemented in Germany (which people and organizations to contact to get things running, etc.), and capable of moving forward in this topic through good thinking and effective cooperation.

At present I am working in two areas of Germany, Berlin and Düsseldorf. Lesser amount in additional areas like Bonn and Potsdam. So active people interested to cooperate especially in those regions are welcome to contact me.

An excellent opportunity to learn yourself and educate the society!

In case of interest please write me before March 14, 2020.

Best wishes,

Matti Masing, natural scientist

E-mail: matti(at)