4.0 Growth Strategist - Growth Hacker

  • Invisible Technologies, Inc.
  • Jan 04, 2019
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Job Description

PLEASE NOTE: Apply through our company recruiting portal: https://invisible-technologies.breezy.hr/p/4b8798d74dd4-agent-growth-strategist




What does it mean to be the Growth Strategist at Invisible Technologies?
The right person doesn’t need this job description. (S)he won’t wake up in the morning with the thought “I am the Growth Strategist at Invisible Technologies,” but with the thought: “Have we taken over the world yet?” The right person already called me and told me these words:

You should bring me on because, without me, you won’t be able to sell and make big wins as fast as you need to keep growing at this breakneck pace!

I am a strategist. I am a conceptual, analytical, systems thinker who can see the matrix. That’s right, the Matrix. I am inside the client’s mind, your developer’s mind, your CEO’s mind. You need to me understand problems and create elegant solutions. I understand Invisible Technologies so well I create new fields for an opportunity in my sleep. I leverage clients needs and desires and turn them into sales. Big sales. Within weeks, we will be churning out more demand than you can handle.

I am an architect. Simply selling a product is not enough for me. I want to design something beautiful. I want to build systems and create business solutions so elegant our clients won’t know how to operate without us. I want to shape the development of Invisible’s services and products.

Success isn’t a gift, or ideal, it’s an obsession- an unquenchable drive and thirst for doing things better. From day to day, I need to be more than I was yesterday. I need to leave this world a better place than it was when I arrived. I bring that drive to every aspect of my life, and I am ravenous. I am tired of the regular corporate machine and I want to drive real solutions and create real value. I want to drive a Ferrari and not the traditional way. I want to have fun while earning it and leave a legacy.

I want to become a partner and grow our domain, but I return what is given to me. I am obsessed with Invisible’s product, and with this opportunity. I want Invisible to be obsessed with me. I don’t want a job, I want a relationship where we can both grow. I want you to be a big part of my journey as I am of yours.

What We’re Looking For:
Skills & Achievements

Demonstrated ability to break down complex problems for clients (consulting, banking, or non-profit background)
Proven track record in a Biz Dev and/or a strategy role

Demonstrated entrepreneurial qualities: Exceptional ownership, motivated, CEO-like mentality, tenacious
Strong presentation skills; both creation and delivery
Ability to work effectively with both external and internal customers
An obsessive drive to succeed and a scrappy, startup mentality
A high bar for excellence and professionalism
Confidence and enthusiasm that is infectious
The ability to take and give feedback

Starting at $15/hr-$20/hr. Commission on sales.

If you believe that you don't quite fit the ideal candidate but wish to be considered, great!

Give us your pitch, show us your hunger. We seek those who reach higher and dare to go further. Write a one paragraph pitch on why you think you should be considered in your application.

Please only apply through our company recruiting portal: https://invisible-technologies.breezy.hr/p/4b8798d74dd4-agent-growth-strategist